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Caring for Nervous Patients

Our gentle and caring service will help you to overcome your fears

We’re fully aware that some people have a real phobia about visiting a dentist and that is why we have developed a number of methods and introduced special facilities to help anyone who is nervous feel more comfortable and relaxed.

For a start even our clinic is designed to provide a relaxing environment with comfortable surroundings together with warm and welcoming staff who are there to make you feel immediately at ease.

We also take care to help you feel relaxed and assured by taking everything slowly, one step at a time and at a pace to suit you. We will never rush you or make you feel under pressure. If we feel that it is required then we can also provide treatment under sedation, with sedation it relaxes you and you will not remember the procedure afterwards.

Better Dental is registered with the Dental Phobia Organisation and our dental team is regularly vetted to ensure they are suitably trained and sympathetic to patients needs.

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