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Teeth Whitening

Over recent years teeth whitening has become increasingly popular but unfortunately there are lots of unscrupulous people who are trying to cash in on it … illegally.

Many of the teeth whiting products you can buy online or on the market are not only dangerous they are also illegal. Similarly it is also illegal for beauticians and such to offer Teeth Whitening Services. They are unqualified, unlicensed and will be un-insured if anything goes wrong.

Only registered dental practitioners, dental hygienists and dental technicians are, by law, licensed to perform teeth whitening procedures.

At Better Dental we offer two alternative teeth whitening treatments.

Home whitening procedure

We will take an impression of your upper and lower teeth and then manufacture bespoke clear soft trays that you wear (at night) for up to four weeks. The trays are so light you will hardly notice they’re there but the treatment will whiten your teeth, remove many impurities from your teeth and help you to achieve a lovely smile.

As long as you don’t have any future fillings or crowns you’ll be able to re-use the trays for future whitening ‘top-ups’.

Zoom! whitening procedure

The Zoom! procedure is performed by us in our surgery. First of all a special whitening gel is applied to your teeth and then the Zoom! light is directed onto your teeth to activate the gel and whiten your teeth. We also provide free upper and lower bespoke trays to take home so you can carry out future whitening yourself.

Because both of these procedures are undertaken by a qualified dentist you are assured that you have an expert review, support and follow-up. We also consider your wider health before we commence any treatment and we tailor the service to suit your individual circumstances.

We provide a fixed price and there are no hidden extras or additional charges,

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