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White Fillings

White fillings, sometimes called composite white fillings, are becoming more and more popular with our patients because instead of using traditional amalgam/silver fillings we can match the shade of your natural teeth. By selecting the precise type of white filling we can even ensure that the filling also matches the translucency and even the texture of your teeth, which makes them especially ideal for fillings that are visible on your front teeth.

In addition to cosmetic preferences many people choose white fillings because they do not like the idea of having metal fillings in their mouth and they ask us to replace old amalgam filling with new white ones to help improve the appearance of their teeth and their smile.

White fillings are recommended for small to medium cavities, but because the composite material used is not as strong as amalgam it is not recommended for very large cavities. White fillings can also be used to increase the size of small teeth and they are sometimes chosen as an alternative to veneers. This process is called composite bonding and is a safe cosmetic procedure to improve the appearance of your teeth.

White fillings are placed in a tooth after cleaning it and placing a glue in it, before then we expose it to a special light that causes the material to set and harden. Finally the filling is polished to ensure the required shape and appearance.

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